STUDIO BRITAIN offers a range of pieces with a signature style developed with an acutely honed eye for detail and proportion. Each item is contemporary in tone but derived from an understanding of traditional making and classical forms. Scale and sculptural elements are meticulously defined.

Handcrafted by expert makers and award-winning artisans, each piece has a rarity value and many are unique. Experimentation with new materials and techniques comes naturally to experienced hands and eyes and you will see the result of this alchemy in many of our pieces.

Our simple, elegant products are understated, showcasing the quality of the making and beautiful materials. Wood, metal and stone will all stand the test of time, noble materials that age with us and develop their own character and patina through use.

STUDIO BRITAIN commissions work and collaborates with expert makers to produce pieces of distinctive quality, establishing a strong design heritage in pieces we trust you will only ever have to buy once.

All our cabinetry carries a Maker’s mark. Please be aware that because our items are made by small teams in our workshops, lead times may vary.

Alongside our own in-house collection we also offer works by artists and the occasional vintage piece.

We look forward to welcoming you when you visit us at one of our Exhibitions or at our Studio and Gallery, open by appointment in South West London.